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Data-driven Salesforce solutions to drive your non-profit organization

Blue Horizon by Cloud Pilots is our data-driven non-profit solution designed to accelerate your Salesforce NPSP implementation for Giving, Receipting, and Stewarding processes.

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Blue Horizon solutions: Give, Steward, Tax, Adopt

Unstick your data

Business-first solutions

Our team works with you to co-design unique, budget-friendly solutions that align with your business success criteria. We prioritize identifying and addressing your most pressing business requirements to ensure the systems we deliver function like a well-oiled machine.

Accelerated implementations

Our accelerator provides a foundational configuration for your Salesforce system, with the flexibility of a consultative approach that's custom to your unique needs. This means you get up and running faster with a system that's tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Trusted advice and best practices

We pass on our trusted advice, best practices, and reusable components to help ensure your time is spent on high-value activities. Plus, we don't receive compensation from 3rd party vendors, nor do we offshore any of our work.

Clean, reportable data

Our use case-based approach and focus on business requirements help ensure that your data is clean and reportable. We can help you instill a methodical, business-first approach to ensure that your data supports your organization's success.

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Accelerate your impact with our non-profit solutions

Our four Salesforce solutions streamline nonprofit operations, saving you time and money. Each is designed to solve specific pain points, from managing donations to tracking program outcomes. With our solutions, you'll have the tools you need to focus on what matters most: making an impact.


Start strong with Give. This solution helps non-profits establish or clean up their donor data, while configuring reliable analytics and reports for annual giving and fund development.

  • Clean up donor and donation data for reliable analytics and insights
  • Configure reporting for annual giving and fund development processes
  • Reduce time spent on batch gift entry
  • Access annual giving, major giving, legacy, and grant modules for common Use Cases


A comprehensive solution to effectively manage and track donor stewardship activities.

  • Create and track activities specific to your stewardship program
  • Easily find and manage donor information
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your stewardship efforts
  • Gain insights into donor engagement and retention


A fully integrated tax receipting process so simple a volunteer could do it!

  • Batch and automate processes for email and printing tax receipts
  • Receive a complete audit trail that includes sequential numbering
  • Cancel or reprint tax receipts as needed
  • Obtain detailed reports to ensure no more missed donor data


Support your team when and where they need it the most, increasing adoption rates and data quality

  • Build reports, small configurations, training
  • Offer long-term, ongoing support along the entire client journey
  • Empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed

Blue Horizon & Cloud Pilots

The right solution

Blue Horizon by Cloud Pilots is the right solution for non-profit organizations seeking ongoing support to understand and make the most out of donor data.

Think of us as a partner, co-designing unique, budget-friendly solutions that align with your business success criteria. Our team applies a Use Case-based approach to focus on identifying prioritized business requirements and delivering systems that function like a well oiled machine. Our accelerator recommends foundational configurations, but also provides the flexibility of a consultative approach that’s custom to your unique needs.

The right professionals

Through decades of experience, we are able to pass on trusted advice, best practices and reusable components, ensuring your time is spent on high-value activities. We are not compensated by any vendors and do not off-shore any of our work.

Let’s get started on instilling a methodical, business-first approach to ensuring clean, reportable data!

Cloud Pilots’ Blue Horizon Tax solution saved us dozens of hours annually and allowed us to know that our Tax Receipts would be generated error-free, CRA compliant, and almost entirely automated

Bethany Ross
Executive Director @ Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

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